The Knowing Doing Gap

Reading Time: 1 minute

There’s a good chance that this is not the only article related to personal growth that you’ve read this week (some would be upset, but I forgive your promiscuity).

And no doubt over the last few months, you have read many articles, and maybe even watched a few videos (who can resist TED Talks?).

And that’s to be admired.

But the critical question is: what have you done with the knowledge that you have gained?

What behaviours, thinking processes and emotional reactions have you changed?

Have you introduced more effective habits and processes?

If you don’t apply your insights, what is the point?

You might as well watch re-runs of Family Guy or Friends rather than listen to Julian Treasure explaining ‘How to Speak so that People Want to Listen‘.

It’s easy to fool ourselves that by reading articles and watching videos, we’re investing in our personal growth. But personal growth is an active rather than a passive activity.

So, next time you read an article or watch a video, pause at the end and before you move on, ask yourself — what will I DO differently?

And then do something related, immediately, however small.